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 Ethical Beauty. We believe that true beauty is more than just skin deep, it's a reflection of your values and a celebration of your natural essence. With two decades of experience in the beauty industry, our founder Lisa is on a transformative journey to redefine beauty and wellness.

In a world that's constantly evolving, our commitment remains steadfast: to provide you with a sanctuary of ethical beauty. We're dedicated to promoting wellness and enhancing your unique beauty using exclusively ethically sourced vegan products.

Step into our inclusive salon experience, where you'll discover that beauty transcends appearances, weaving its magic into the fabric of your daily life. Join us in celebrating authenticity, well-being, and the beauty that resides within us all.

Thank you for choosing Ethical Beauty. Your journey towards inner radiance and ethical excellence begins here.

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Meet The Founder


If you have been looking for a massage and treatment therapist that you can trust who is experienced and professional then look no further you have found me!

With 20 years of deep-rooted experience in the beauty industry, I'm here to lead us into an exciting new era of beauty and wellness. Over the years, I've seen the beauty industry evolve, from product innovations to changing client preferences, and a growing emphasis on ethics.

Beauty is no longer just about appearances; it's become a meaningful part of our daily lives, influencing our routines and how we connect with the world. 


To me, true beauty radiates from the heart, and the very essence of who we are.

My passion lies in ethical beauty and well being. I'm all about promoting wellness and celebrating each individuals uniqueness. I've curated an experience that's all about ethics, exclusively using vegan products. Here, we blend inner and outer beauty, offering a transformative journey that resonates with your true self.

Welcome to a place where beauty thrives, and ethics are at the heart of everything.

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Our Team

Welcome to Ethical Beauty! We're excited to introduce you to our team of experienced professionals. Each member of our team brings a unique set of skills and expertise to the table, and we're proud to have them on board. Take a moment to get to know our team members and learn more about what makes them so special.


Please use the booking link below to access a full list of services provided including brows, lashes, waxing, facials and event makeup, massage treatments, bowen technique & more...


Welcome to Neal's Yard Remedies, where nature meets wellness. Explore a world of organic and ethically sourced skincare, aromatherapy, and holistic remedies that prioritize your well-being and the planet's health. With a commitment to pure ingredients and sustainable practices, Neal's Yard is your gateway to radiant skin and a balanced life. Browse our store and discover the power of natural beauty today.



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